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How to feel at home while on assignment

Once you start travel nursing, it might start to feel like you are never home (or you might not even have a home base anymore!). Here are a few ideas to make your new adventure feel like your home away from home.

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Bring Comfort Items

Its easier to feel like you're at home if you bring little pieces of home with you! Items don't have to be big to change the dynamic of your new space. Here is a list of items you can bring that wont take up that much space:

Pillow, duvet, wall tapestry, small pieces of artwork, towel, fairy lights, throw blanket, book, candles, slippers, comfy clothes, photos of friends and family

Get to Know the Local Spots

Taking the time to explore the new town you are in can change the feeling of unfamiliarity that is sometimes daunting when you first arrive in a new place. Do some research before you travel to find the best coffee shops and places to eat, or don't do any research and try them all to make your own conclusions Dedicate some time (especially at the start of your adventure)to explore!

Make New Friends

Part of entering a new community is immersing yourself into new groups of people. In our blog post about perks of travel nursing, #2 is all about the amazing people you are going to meet. Sometimes it isn't easy to put the effort in to build relationships while on assignment when you may have a great group of friends at home, but the more effort you put in to get yourself involved the more you will feel a part of the work team and community. Locals also have a lot of insight into interesting things to do and the best places to go, so let your new friends help you explore!

Stick with Your Hobbies

While your on assignment, it doesn't mean you have to take a break from your normal hobbies. Continuing with activities that you like to do at home will help you become more acclimatized to your new environment and thrive. For example, look into drop in community sports or hiking groups. Following different community social media pages will also allow you to find out more about activities that may suit you.

Keep in Contact

Even though you are going to meet some incredible people while you are away from home, it always helps to keep in touch with friends and family while you are away. With technology today, it can almost feel like you are in the same room as someone. Use this to your advantage on days where you are feeling isolated and alone and hopefully talking to someone familiar can lift your spirits.

We would love to hear your strategies to feel at home while on away, send us a message with your tips!


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