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Putting people first, always.

Flo Medical Staffing is a nurse-owned agency that fosters a supportive environment for growth and … adventure! 


Created with the purpose of putting nurses first, Flo Medical Staffing ensures that their team of adventurers are given the opportunity for professional growth while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. Here, no one is just a nurse. We are all part of a community striving for a shift in the culture of healthcare.


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The culture at FMS is cultivated around creating a supportive space that endorses a sustainable work-life balance. Our mission is to create an environment through innovation and intention that combats burnout, prioritizes all aspects of health, and properly compensates staff.

We value our staff. Period. Hard Stop. FMS's main priority is making sure that we are creating a safe and supportive environment, encouraging rest and time off, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our people are our priority.

Leadership is a critical element that we want to embrace not only on our management team but as a contributor in the healthcare industry on corporate and frontline levels. We aspire to have a leadership team that is forward-thinking and paves the way for a balanced and healthy network for our employees. We also want to endorse a culture of leadership for our frontline employees as they enter the healthcare facilities - we hope that they continue to show our company values of authenticity, action and excellence in their leadership at the bedside.

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I’ve been travel nursing since April of 2022, initially with another company. I completed 3 contracts with Flo since April of 2023 and I’m about to start my 4th next week. They have continuously set me up for success at all the hospitals I’ve worked in and accommodations I’ve stayed at. I could go on to describe certain experiences that left me genuinely happy and excited about my job but that would take 1500 words. It’s obvious that Zach and Jordan truly care about their nurses and the hospitals we work within. I highly, highly recommend Flo Medical Staffing as a travel nursing agency.

Micheala, LPN

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My first contract with Flo was in October 2022 and I have been on many contracts with them since. I decided to switch companies because the original two companies I travelled with made me feel like just another number among thousands, whereas Flo actually takes the time to get to know who I am as a person and nurse. Of course there will always be bumps in the road, but anytime I’ve been dissatisfied with something the owners have reached out to me directly by phone to make sure we can rectify the issue. Their communication is top notch and they respond very quickly to phone calls and emails. I no longer hold a job in my home province and travel nurse with them full time. I have always had my next contract set up well in advance.  The accommodations are always beautiful, and their pay is one of the most competitive for BC. In addition to treating their travel nurses well (my friends who signed up with them also gush about the company), they also support many fundraising initiatives. I can’t say enough good things about this company and I guarantee I will work for them for many more years to come!  

Alex, RN

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Absolutely love working for Flo! They are by far the most responsive and helpful agency I have worked with. Keeping their team small has allowed them to care about their employees wellbeing and promote a healthy work environment. The consistency from the Flo team is very appreciated when working in a fast paced and ever-changing workplace. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a better experience travel nursing!

Adam, RN

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CEO + Founder + RN

Jordan Hartzell

Jordan has been an RN since 2017 working within Canada and internationally. She has a passion for nursing and adventure, which makes her uniquely qualified to lead FMS's collective of nomads. 

The creation of FMS has allowed Jordan to shift her care of humans from bedside nursing to a supportive role of the FMS staff (although you can still catch her working in the ER because bedside nursing is her first passion).

COO + Co Founder

Zach Baxter

Zach, also an avid adventurer, has an extensive background in not-for-profit start ups and grassroots organizations.

He has helped carve the foundation of FMS and has consistently shown his care and admiration for healthcare professionals.


In addition to his professional qualifications, Zach also embodies the FMS values of exploring and you can find him on many outdoor adventures.

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