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  • What qualifications do I need to work with Flo?
    To be considered for the FMS team, you need to have a minimum of 3 years experience or 2 years experience + specialty training in the area you wish to travel in. You also need to be licensed and in good standing with the governing body responsible for the area you wish to travel in as well as have active BLS certification.
  • What length are the assignments?
    The length of assignments is highly dependent on two things: the need of the facility and the availability of the nurse. We are flexible to both of these needs and do the best we can to accommodate what works best for our staff. We generally try to aim for a minimum of 4 week contracts with no maximum length.
  • Why should I choose FMS?
    Great question! We have created an environment at FMS that revolves around the support and wellbeing of our staff. Plain and simple, we value people over profit and that foundational belief ensures that our staff are fundamentally respected and their input is valued.
  • Why do your applications close?
    We are committed to building and maintaining close partnerships with our employees and the facilities we staff. This means we build our team slow and steady so that we can be as attentive, accessible and supportive as possible. As much as we would love to accept all of the applicants that meet our hiring standards, we have set ratios to ensure none of our employees (or facilities) feel neglected.
  • Are travel and accommodation covered?
    Yes! Travel and accommodation are always covered. We reimburse you for your travel based on an agreed upon amount in your contract. In order to claim this you need to provide receipts of your expenses. Accommodation will be provided by FMS or the facility. If FMS is providing accommodation we can arrange for housing stipends to be given on a shiftly basis if you would prefer to provide your own housing. We always strive to provide a “home away from home” that has all amenities and is a place for rest and relaxation when you are not working.
  • Do you reimburse license and educational expenses?
    We do not reimburse direct expenses for license or education, however, we do provide an hourly per diem that is given to our staff for them to distribute as they see fit towards expenses related to work. Generally speaking, 4 weeks of work equates to the cost of your yearly license. This means that you have more funds and more options for utilizing those funds than a traditional education or license reimbursement.
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