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5 reasons to travel nurse

Because we don't have time to list them all, here's 5 reasons you should quit your full time job and start travel nursing.

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Travel nursing has so many benefits, and some may be more important to you than others. Reasons for getting into travel nursing can be anything from the desire to adventure or the feeling like you want to better compensated for your work. Keep reading for inspiration to hit the road and start travel nursing!

1. Adventure

This will forever and always be my top reason to travel nurse. If you think you know what's in store for you life, think again! Travel nursing is not for the faint of heart if you want your life to be strictly organized. If you don't have the attitude to go with the flo, it might be challenging. You might find yourself in places you never expected you would live, and have to pinch yourself realizing that this nomadic, whirlwind life is actually your own. All of the contracts we offer are to unique and beautiful locations that are worth exploring whether its the local shops, hiking, snowboarding, swimming, biking, beach-bumming, river floating, brewery hopping etc. (the list could go forever). Anyways, life on the road is an adventure you could never predict or imagine.

2. People

For so many reasons, the people you meet along the way is #2 on our list. When starting travel nursing, I wanted the adventure and unpredictability. Little did I know that the people I met along the way would be in my life forever. As a traveler going to an assignment, you have two options. You can be independent and explore on your own OR you can fully dive into the unit culture and make some amazing friends. On top of the wonderful unit staff you will meet, you will also almost certainly run into other travelers! Something special (and a little wild dare I say?) happens when a bunch of travel nurses congregate. There is a depth of understanding for the movement and day-to-day unknown in each others lives that everyone just simply gets. On top of this connection, you are likely all 1) Looking for friends 2) Ready for adventure and 3) Fun as heck. The last thing to mention about this before it gets to long winded is that making this connections on different assignments builds you connections across the provinces and territories and you and others continue your journey. Wherever you go, you will have a friend to visit and memories to recall.

3. Money

To some this may be more important to others depending on your intent as you start to travel, however this is a major perk of traveling. Your wage strongly reflects you skill, ability to be flexible and the nature of being nomadic. You can expect a wage at least 25% higher than you wage as a staff nurse (location dependent). Remember that as a staff nurse you are usually getting benefits, RRSP matching and sick time so that all takes away from the difference. However it's all more money in your pocket that you decide what to do with. In addition to a higher base wage, you're housing is either provided or compensated via tax-free stipend which allows the margin between your staff job and travel nursing to grow.

4. Professional Experience

There is no doubt that as you move from contract to contract your knowledge and expertise will continue to grow. It is already impressive to be able to jump onto a new unit with minimal orientation without knowing any of your new colleagues. Whether it is working in a trauma center or a small rural hospital, each place you travel to is equipped with different individuals and experiences that are going to make you a stronger nurse.

5. Avoiding Burnout

Burn out and nursing seem to be words that go hand in hand these days. We get it. It hasn't been easy and unfortunately there will always be tough days regardless of being a travel or staff nurse. However, burnout is easier to avoid and repair as a travel nurse. For one, when you are on an assignment there is always an end date (and you can often extend if you are enjoying it). This means that if you are finding your time difficult, you only have to stick with it until the end of your contract and then you are free. Secondly, you have no obligation to book back-to-back contracts which means in between contracts you can take time off to spend with family or go travelling and reset your mind before the next contract.

There are so many more reasons why travel nursing is an incredible career. If you have any questions please contact us so we can help answer them!


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