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#gowiththeflo - about the company.

We are incredibly excited to officially introduce Flo Medical Staffing. A passion project turned into a reality of a supportive community of adventurers. We want to write a little introduction to Flo where we explain who we are, what our hopes and dreams are for this community and why we want you to be a part of this experience.

So... here it goes, the start of an era where we #gowiththeflo.

Flo Medical Staffing was created by two like-minded individuals, Zach and Jordan. Z+J met while living in the rocky mountains of Alberta and became quick friends with many adventures and travels shared. If you ever get a chance to sit down with Z or J, ask them about the best chicken in Hawaii.


Meet the team.

Jordan is a Registered Nurse and has been travel nursing in Emergency Rooms around Canada and internationally over the past 3 years.

Throughout her travelling, she began gathering ideas to create an agency that catered to experienced nurses and rewarded them for their experience while also maintaining a communicative partnership between nurses and the agency team.

Little did she know that with 8 months of hard work, this idea would turn into a reality.


Zach, a jack of all trades, is originally from Virginia and a recent permanent resident of Canada! Z has a BSc in Biology with a minor in Psychology and has worked in a variety of areas including start up businesses and not for profits that advocated for youth in mountain towns.

When J brought up her idea to create an agency that maintains a "small company" mentality of inclusion and community, Z quickly jumped in and began helping build FMS. His business experience in addition to J's clinical experience has created the perfect duo to bring a "nurses first" agency to reality.

Why is Flo Medical Staffing different? This is the most valuable question we get asked, and we love to answer it because it allows us to share why we're so passionate about this company.

So here's 3 things that make us special:

1) We value your experience.

  • FMS requires minimally 3 years experience in the area you would like to travel or 2 years experience + specialty training (such as BCIT).

  • Why? Because travel nurses are thrown into situations with minimal orientation and we believe having a minimum experience requirement helps to ensure our nurses are well equipped for these environments.

2) Small community feel.

  • From the creation of FMS we have always valued open and honest communication with our employees. We strive to make sure that our nurses have quick responses and can trust that we will do what we have committed to do.

  • We have created a framework to ensure that as we grow, your communication with us and your value to us will not be jeopardized. We don't ever want our employees to feel like we don't understand that the job they do on a daily basis is incredibly challenging.

We know you, and you know us.

We respect you, and you inspire us.

3) Big dreams, bigger rewards.

  • We can write all of the inspirational and emotional reasons that we created FMS and why we want to create a collective of rad humans (which is all very true) but we also want you to know that's not the only way we see your value.

  • We strive to have the highest wages possible so that we can tangibly show you that we value you. Plain and simple, we care about you and you deserve to make more.


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